Earth-friendly chemistry from Silicon Valley that also increases efficiency and profitability.

For over twenty-five years, Cal-West Specialty Coatings has been the leader in innovative products that
prepare and protect high-value surfaces during construction, refinish, and in-transit operations. Cal-West's
customers include some of the world's largest, most respected companies who distribute its products globally.

Cal-West serves a broad range of markets including: automotive, marine, manufacturing, construction, and aerospace.

Its patented offerings are not just green, they're extremely effective. The guiding principles for each product are to increase throughput and reduce rework and returns. "Getting it right" the first time improves profitability and keeps users competitive.

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Cal-West's "wash-off" coatings are ultimately biodegradable. They provide superior protection compared to plastic and other masking materials and don't end up in landfills.

Recycled Content

Cal-West's peelable coatings utilize a resin system manufactured from post-consumer recycled materials that provides superior film strength, durability and longevity.

Super-low VOC

VOCs contribute to smog formation. Products that reduce them make for cleaner air to breath. All Cal-West products comply with California's VOC regulations, the strictest in the world.

Key applications for Cal-West products

Booth Maintenance

Cal-West brings a clean-room mentality to spray booths. The trapping and removal of contamination, combined with products that optimize lighting and make booths more servicable, deliver superior paint jobs without rework.

Liquid Masking

With liquid masking, body shops can eliminate overspray damage and its associated costs for as little as $10 per vehicle. The result: reduced cycle time. Not only that, but a shop's dumpster will no longer overflow with plastic.

Corrosion Protection

Best practices dictate that factory-level corrosion protection be restored when vehicles are repaired. Cal-West's corrosion inhibiting compounds packaged in convenient aerosol cans make it fast and easy for repair facilities to do the right thing.

Scratch Protection

Many high-value surfaces are part of construction projects (e.g. a yacht or oil/gas platform) that require months of even years to complete. Cal-West's peelable coatings protect surfaces from damage until final delivery to the customer.

Cal-West: Always innovating