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Spray thin to win. Thin-film technology, that is.

Cal-West revolutionized the automotive industry's approach to restoring corrosion protection during the repair process. Traditional weld-through coatings specify an application procedure that creates a thick film that is difficult to weld on and that, as a result of zinc or copper in the coating, actually promotes corrosion between dissimilar metals. Cal-West's thin-film weld-through technology is easy to weld on, doesn't compromise weld strength, and contains no metals that promote corrosion.

Uniquely, Cal-West also offers an additional CIC (corrosion inhibiting compound) that is designed for the weld seam after welding. This film-film, super wicking coating travels deep into the weld joint to protect the "burn-back" area around the weld. In addition, Cal-West's CIC for cavities is far superior to traditional cavity waxes, last four times longer when tested in a salt spray tank.

All Cal-West CICs excel not just on steel, but on aluminum, which is increasingly being used in the construction of vehicles. Packaged in convenient aerosols, the coatings all comply with California's strict VOC limits.


Cal-West products prepare and protect high-value surfaces across a broad range of markets and industries.


Cal-West demonstrates that earth-friendly chemistry does not mean sacrificing quality or performance.


The applications for Cal-West products are constantly growing and expanding both in the U.S. and worldwide.