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Industries that use Cal-West products.

Automotive Refinish

Collision repair facilities worldwide use Cal-West products in both the body and paint shops to deliver vehicles sooner, with higher quality and lower costs. As the industry consolidates and the number of multi-store operations grows, shops must constantly be improving their processes in order to survive. At the same time, shops must comply with stricter environmental regulations that require them to adopt new innovative technologies like those supplied by Cal-West.

Ship Building

Massive commercial and military vessels can take months or even years to build and complete. Cal-West peelable coatings protect various parts of of the ship from environmental and mechanical damage during this extended construction period. A wide variety of substrates are protected including stainless steel, paint, and non-skid decks.

Yacht Transport

When completed, luxury yachts must be transported in "like new" condition to their delivery destination. Cal-West peelable coatings ensure that the fine painted surfaces on these vessels are protected in transit and easily "unwrapped" upon arrival.

Oil & Gas Platform

Like ocean-going vessels, oil and gas platforms are built over an extended period of time. Cal-West peelable coatings protect painted surfaces against wind-driven dust, welding sparks, and other mechanical damage during construction and assembly in some of the harshest environments on the planet.


Temporary coatings from Cal-West are used to protect glass, concrete, and equipment from various forms of contamination, such as paint and stucco overspray or staining from joint compounds, during new construction. They also provide protection against various forms of environmental and mechanical damage.

Superior Wetting

Cal-West's advanced surfactant technology enables wet-out over a variety of surfaces to form complete, uniform dry films.

Vertical Cling

Thixotropic chemistry enables Cal-West coatings to cling to vertical surfaces, preventing runs and ensuring proper film build.

Film Strength

The exceptional film strength of Cal-West peelable coatings enable them to peel off in large sheets, even from complex surfaces.