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Products that meet the most demanding challenges.

Cal-West peelable coatings provide long-term internal and external protection for high-value surfaces in a variety of markets. From paint booths to windows, from multi-million dollar yachts to offshore oil-gas platforms and non-skid decks on war ships, Cal-West's technology meets the most demanding applications in the most demanding environments.

Cal-West engineers its coatings to optimize sprayability and final finish. For example, a coating that won't cling to vertical surfaces creates weak spots in the dry film, which later makes removal more difficult when the dry film tears. A coating designed specially for paint booth glass levels beautifully so that the dry film is crystal clear and does not impede lighting or visibilty.

Cal-West continually evaluates new polymers for future peelable coatings and is always looking for new applications. Let us know about any needs you have.


Cal-West products prepare and protect high-value surfaces across a broad range of markets and industries.


Cal-West demonstrates that earth-friendly chemistry does not mean sacrificing quality or performance.


The applications for Cal-West products are constantly growing and expanding both in the U.S. and worldwide.