Innovative technology sets Cal-West products apart.

Superior Wetting

The above photograph demonstrates the wet-out performance of a cheap, off-brand liquid mask compared to Cal-West's liquid masking technology on a waxed surface. The dry film from the "no-name" product will be riddled with voids and gaps and provide virtually no protection against paint and primer overspray. Cal-West's high-performance surfactant technology enables its liquid masking products to wet-out and form continous films even on the most demanding surfaces. Remember: "if it won't wet, it won't protect."

Vertical Cling

Thixotropic chemistry enables Cal-West coatings to cling to vertical surfaces, preventing runs and ensuring proper film build. This is important in all applications where Cal-West coatings are used. A runny liquid mask creates a mess during application and makes the dry film hard to remove. Glass coatings for paint booths that are not thixotropic impair visibility through windows and distort lighting conditions when they dry with runs and sags.

Many peelable coatings require multiple coats to achieve a practical level of protection. Cal-West's Spraywrap can be applied up to 20 mils wet in a single pass without sagging or running, enabling faster application and uniform film build across the entire substrate being protected.

Film Strength

Competing peelable coatings are typically diluted with additional water and traditional paint fillers like calcium carbonate to keep prices low. However, these additions compromise film strength and often defeat the purpose of their intended applications.

Cal-West peelable coatings employ high-performance resin systems with minimal fillers to achieve the strongest films possible. Although this can result in a higher price per gallon, the end result is protection that works. Frequently, the final cost of a Cal-West coating is actually lower because the desired performance can be achieved either with a thinner film or less application time or both.

No Residue

A key requirement for all Cal-West surface protection and preparation products is to leave the substrate completely clean after they have performed their desired functions. Cal-West scuff pastes used to prepare plastic parts rinse off completely so that paint adhesion is not compromised. Cal-West's wash-off and peelable coatings leave nothing behind when they are removed and will not damage or alter the characteristics of the substrates they have been protecting.

Thin Film

Cal-West introduced thin-film corrosion protection to the collision repair industry. Thin-film technology is better for a number of reasons: cleaner, stronger welds, superior wicking, longer-lasting protection, and far better coverage per can. Cal-West's corrosion protection coatings are also non-conductive, unlike traditional weld-thru primers, and therefore do not promote corrosion.

Dust Control

Cal-West's coatings  designed for paint booth floors traps and contains contamination, keeping it out of fresh paint.

Plastic Preparation

Getting paint to stick to the wide variety of automotive plastics is an ongoing challenge. Cal-West scuff pastes rise to that challenge.

Corrosion Protection

Cal-West's corrosion protection coatings makes it easy for shops to do the right thing and restore factory-level protection.