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Superior protection, no solid waste.

Cal-West pioneered the use of liquid masking in the collision repair industry with patented coatings that set the standard for superior performance, ease of use, and environmental friendliness. The benefits to paint shops employing liquid masking in their process are numerous: better paintwork, reduced polishing and rework, faster cycle time and less waste to dispose of. The end result is a better repair delivered to customers on schedule at lower cost.

Likewise, Cal-West washable booth coatings protect a shop's biggest capital investment: the paint booth. Booth coatings are an integral part of insuring the paint booth is properly maintained to delivery consistent lighting and minimize contamination that damages paintwork.


Cal-West products prepare and protect high-value surfaces across a broad range of markets and industries.


Cal-West demonstrates that earth-friendly chemistry does not mean sacrificing quality or performance.


The applications for Cal-West products are constantly growing and expanding both in the U.S. and worldwide.